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Foxpro ODBC and all that


I want to access some foxpro files from Delphi.

How does one go about setting up the BDE for this?

I have setup the BDE for MSACCESS,
and I have set up MSACESS to link into Foxpro table,
but wheh I try to set up the BDE direct to the foxpro table I get an
   DBE error 12550
  Invalid Configuration Parameter.


Owen Mooney


Re:Foxpro ODBC and all that

FoxPro 2.6 tables are directly supported by BDE using the native FoxPro
driver.  Just select the native FoxPro driver - not the Visual FoxPro
driver, which is really an ms ODBC driver and provides less support than
does the BDE native driver.  The first problem you are likely to run
into is the fact that BDE does not support VFP files - you need to save
your FoxPro files in the Fox2x format.  Also, you will find that support
for FoxPro expression indices is limited - use GotoNearest for indexed
searches, other VCL functions either err or do sequential searches.
Finally you will find that localSQL has some serious performance
problems on FoxPro tables.

 - Leo

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