Metafiles and RTF file format

I got hold of the RTF file format and am trying to insert metafiles.  My
algorithm uses TMetafile.SaveToStream to a memory stream.  I then advance in
the memory stream past the aldus header.  The remaining stream then gets
written to the WMF.  This works great for the WMF's in my Word 6.0 clipart
directory.  I then created a WMF with TeeChart.  This doesn't work.

I then insert the TeeChart WMF in Word, copy it to the clipboard, then paste
it into a TMetafile.  This works just fine.  I noticed that after I pasted,
the Inch property was 2540 (HIENGLISH).  What did word do to the WMF and how
can I duplicate it.

Delphi 1, Win95