ANN: TCompLHA v2.5 released

We're pleased to announce the release of a new version of our TCompLHA
LHA/LHArc Compression and Archive Management component set.

=== TCompLHA 2.5 features include:

*  Standard Support for Delphi 1.0 (16-bit), 2.0, 3.01 and C++ Builder
*  Create and manage multi-file compressed archives
*  Simple one-step methods for most operations, including backup/restore
*  Read/write compatible with archives made with LHArc and LHA
* Archives can also be processed by shell utilities such as WinZip(tm)
* Read compatible with TCompress archives
* Automatic handling of subdirectories
* Compress any stream (e.g. memory, database blobs) directly to/from archives
* Wild card processing, encryption, self-extracting archives
* Automatic creation of segmented archives (e.g. for disk-spanning)
* Standard user interface provided, fully customizable
* Built-in verify and "safe" modes -- ideal for Internet and communications
* NATIVE compression -- no mucking about with DLLs, OCXes etc.
* Full component source code available

More information and a downloadable trial version can be found on our Web
page at



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