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Word97 MacroNames HELP S.O.S.

Okay this one is driving me nuts, before I lose the rest of my hair.

Can anyone tell me how to get a list of the available to run macros names
from Word97.  Preferably in Delphi, but I`ll have a crack at any code that
does the trick, I also have C++ Builder, I`ll even take VBA.

I have figured out I can use the VBE with a VBComponent and do a search for
'Sub * ()' this gives me the function names, except it cannot access
protected or add-in macros.

Ideally I would like the list available in the Tools Macro Run dialog.  but
with template, and module names.

PLEASE somebody put me out of my misery.

I don`t know if it helps someone more knowledgeable than me but in the VBA
editor it shows the 'Macro' names when you type a module name followed by
'.' as if it was a property or method.  Could this involve some sort of
interface query?

Thanks Adrian.


Re:Word97 MacroNames HELP S.O.S.

Hi Adrian,

I am having similar problems - how to talk to it.
For macros go Tools->Macro->Macros-[Macros in 'Word Commands'
from the combo box]

Regards Allen

Allen Davidson (edit the reply address if responding by email)

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