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>I recently joined a new Internet service called
>You should definitely consider becoming a member.

> is the Internet company that pays
>its members while they surf the Web ($.50 an hour).
>It's free to join and it takes about a minute (no survey
>to fill out).

>Just go to

>Members are paid for their own Web browsing and for
>referrals. Please tell as many of your friends about
>this program as possible. Be sure to enter my ID# (BVL699)
>when you join. Remember, it's easy to sign up and it will
>never cost us a dime!

>Details below. Let me know how you like it.

>Member ID# BVL699

>How membership works:

>Get Paid to Surf the Web
>As a member, will pay you 50 cents an
>hour while you surf the Web for up to 40 hours per month.
>That's up to $20 per month just for browsing the Internet
>the way you normally do.

>All members download the Viewbar?.
>The bar is standard ad height, about one-half inch on
>most screens. The bar can be minimized with a single
>click to eliminate it from the screen at any time.

>Refer friends to and receive 10 cents
>per hour while they surf the Web. And receive an additional
>5 cents per hour from the extended referrals that come in
>from your referrals (for new members extended as far as
>four referrals from your original referrals!)