Delphi OLE object for VBA/Word '97

Hi there,

I like to write a Delphi 3 program that creates a Word '97 document
based on data from an Access Database. In a great book from Marco Cantu
(Mastering Delphi 3) I found an example based on Word '95/WordBasic.
This example works fine, also with Word '97. The command used to create
the OLE object (CreateOleObject('Word.Basic')), gives you the
oppertunity to use WordBasic commands, but not Visual Basic for
Applications command. I like to use VBA commands like MoveDown,
LineSpacing and so on, but these are not supported in WordBasic.

Does anyone know how to create an OLE object for VBA/Word '97.

Hope anyone can help me!

Thanks in advance,
Rene van Geest
The Netherlands