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HELP : Invalid BLOB length

I changed from Paradox to SQL 7.0 and now I get the error "Invalid BLOB
Length" when I try to post.

MY scenario : I have a table with one column, CompanyLogo, type image. I
want to assign a graphic to this field and post it.
The moment I do the post, I get this error! I'm using ODBC to connect to the
Here is an extraction of my code that gives me problems :


   if not OpenPictureDlg.Execute then exit;

   // Load the file and save it in the database

   if Data.Configuration.RecordCount = 0 then

   Image1.Picture.LoadFromFile (OpenPictureDlg.FileName);



When this procedure exists, I can see that the graphic has been assigned to
the field, but just don't want to post. I have put a graphic data control
on my form.

Any help would be appreciated.

Willie Marais


Re:HELP : Invalid BLOB length

I solved that problem by increasing value of parameter BLOBS TO CACHE in BDE
driver parameters (work with Sybase ASE 11.9.2).


Re:HELP : Invalid BLOB length

Sorry, previous message reply is incorrectly. Arkadiy.

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