Cgi, win-CGI and ISAPI with Delphi

Version 2.0 of Delphi CGI Expert has been released. (copyright Lars
Akerman Software)

CGI Expert is a component suite that simplifies building of high
performance Internet CGI, win-CGI and ISAPI application using the power
of Delphi.

Now you dont have to choose between cgi, win cgi or ISAPI as CGI Expert
joins the interfaces, so you can make applications that supports all
three interfaces simultanously.

CGI Expert for Delphi has the following features</H1>
* It supports cgi, win-cgi or ISAPI.
* You can debug your applications.
* The CGI Expert includes a powerful component to build dynamic tables
supplied from a database.
* The CGI expert includes  components to create live charts.

Lars Akerman</a>