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Delphi 4: installing components ?


I received a package of components to install.

I have a .BPL file that I copied in the /Bin directory of Delphi.
I installed this package of components following the Delphi menu:
Components, Install a pack
But I also received the .PAS sources of these components, which seem to
be necessary at compile time (of a test project).

If I copy them into my project directory, it works.
Otherwise I have to add manually to my "uses": in 'directory\source.PAS'
(maybe because of only the declarations ?)

Do you know a better solution ?

Thanks for any help,

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Re:Delphi 4: installing components ?

Sorry !

I found the solution:
I just had to copy the .PAS files into the delphi\source\vcl directory;
they are necessary at compile time, just their interface part, to
correctly declare the class of components you use.

To summary:
if you receive an external components to intall, like this:
.BLP file
.PAS files
(.PAS: sources of the components)

1) copy the .BPL file into the delphi\bin directory
2) install it from Delphi menu (Components, Install package)
3) copy the .PAS files into the delphi\source directory (or sub-
4) write/compile/execute a test program


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