master/detail question


there's probably a very simple way of achieving this, but i can't
think of it at the moment 8*)

i have a master file (employees) and a detail file (awards).  for a
given employee, i want to present various award fields on a form.  

the employee file is keyed on employee; the award file on

my thought is that a DBComboBox on the form would contain an
entry for each of the awards that an employee has attained.  by
then selecting an award from the DBComboBox, a number of
DBEdit fields on the form would then be populated with the values
associated with the award.

i know that i can use the DBNavigator to step through individual
records, but would prefer to implement it through a Combo if

any ideas ?

btw, in a situation as described, how do i populate the
DBComboBox.Items with the values of award ?

any help appreciated, ta
i wish somebody would explain to me what 'arcane' means