Medical Application Software/Code

I'm looking to obtain code, partial programs, abandoned applications,
etc. that have been built for medical office use in the areas of
billing, record keeping, office notes, patient tracking, patient
education, drug interactions, prescriptions, etc.

I have a specific need to fill, and would rather jump-start the process
with already written code, if possible, and reuse resources that have
already been developed, and maybe abandoned.

The plan is to develop the stand-alone application first, then get it
networked at a single location (Win 95/NT) then client server
development for multiple locations, and even internet accessibility to
certain portions.  It's designed for non-profit primary care delivery
centers, and would be considered a pilot type project in a growing needs

It's not designed to be "the" product for everyone, or every type of
office, but to fill a specific need in community health centers, Family
Practice, OB/Gyne, and Pediatrics.  There are things that are very
important in today's not-for-profit care delivery system, and most -- if
not all -- current programs fail to adequately address them.

I know a lot of people have started, and never finished -- or lost
direction -- on these types of projects, and perhaps this is a way to
gain something back from your efforts, and allow the hardworking care
givers see, treat and follow up the growing patient base with the SAME
quality care as the for-profit centers.

Collaboration is possible, for a larger product or project.

Acceptable code would be (in order of preference) Delphi, C++, Visual

We are based in Pittsburgh, and local developers who may have an
interest in this type of project are encouraged to contact me.

If Inprise is listening, we could also use additional developer support
and licenses :) now and down the road aways.

Robert S. Pataki, MD
PUGDOG Enterprises, Inc.