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Running Delphi compiled programs on a LAN

I just recently completed a scheduling program that needs to run a LAN
using Netware 3.11 and windows 3.1, I can get the program to run with a single
user accessing the program, but if a second user tries to access the program they
get a message saying multiple files in use and references the "Pardoxusr.loc"
file.    Does this mean Delphi compiled programs cannot run over a network with
multiple users accessing the same database?  Does anyone know of a way around
     Any feedback on this would be very much appreciated.

BTW..I'm using 2 paradox tables and SQL in my program, and I have the standard
desktop Ver 1.1

                                                        Thanks in advance,


Re:Running Delphi compiled programs on a LAN

Well, there are two issues here.
     #1. Yes, you can run your delphi app in a networked environment. Go
to the BDE config, and set the NetDirectory to a directory that all of
your users will map to in the same way. Voila, it now works, except
     #2. Unless you got the Client/Server edition of Delphi, your SQL code
will not run, (I think). This is due to the fact that the SQL requires the
use of the Interbase Server, which in the non-C/S version is a single
user, local only type deal.

So do #1, and rewrite your app to use ttables instead of tqueries.

Hope this helps...
Brad Miller

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