MS Access problem (why am I not surprised...)

Situation: Delphi 2.0 Developer application written for MS Access 95 database.
Originally written by someone else, not quite completed.  15 tables, most with
several different indices. 30+ InfoPower TTables. 50+ InfoPower TQueries.
Originally developed with BDE 3.10 using Access 95 ODBC drivers.

I finished writing and debugging the app, but it runs sssslllllooooowwwww!
I'm talking 62 seconds to move from the beginning of a 24 row database to the
end.  Checked here and at borland, discovered BDE 4.51.  Borland claims it's
completely backward compatible. Hah!  BDE 4.51 installed and configured
according to the directions repeatedly posted here, correct drivers assigned,
registry entries made, etc.

First attempt: use native MSACCESS driver. Many of the TwwTTables were set to
index on a listed field or fields.  If the field was called ClientNum, the BDE
complained about a missing "@ClientNum" index. Didn't matter if the index on
that field was named the same as the field or different, the error message
said it couldn't find the @fieldname index.  OK, I figured, simple fix. Just
rename all the indices to @fieldname, or @field1@field2 etc for multiple field
indices, and set the TwwTTables to use the index instead of the listed
field(s). Did so - app compiled and ran with no more complaints (and it ran
FAST - that same end to end move was completed before I could blink) - until I
tried running a report that used a TwwTQuery. Then I got a "Capability not
supported #Temp Query Def#" error.  It seems the new native MSACCESS driver
doesn't support all the capabilities of the older ODBC driver.

Second attempt: use the ODBC drivers.  Set up the ODBC aliases, see what
happens.  BDE complains that a bunch of indices don't exist.  Change all the
TwwTTables back to using listed field(s) for indexing. Sounds reasonable, but
the BDE still complained about nonexistant indices - in one case for a TTable
IDENTICAL to another except in name (the second was a shadow table for a
TwwDBLookUp).  No matter what I did the first TTable connected, the second did
not.  I deleted the second, copied and renamed the first - it still gave an
"index does not exist" error when I tried to activate it.

Ideas? Suggestions? ICBM coordinates for the MS Access and BDE developers?

As I was writing this an idea came to me: set up one alias for native
MSACCESS, connect the TTables to it.  Set up a second alias to the same
database using ODBC, connect the TQueries to that one. Any chance that'd work?

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