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Problems with and .lck files.

I continue to have problems with the net and lck files.  In working with
these previously I ended up with several of the net files and could not
change "share" to true.  I have tried to rename the net files so that there
is only one, but still cannot change "share" to true without an error.  I do
have the pointer in the BDE set to the net file that I did not rename.  How
do I know what lck file the net file points to?

Re:Problems with and .lck files.

What do you mean by "change share to true"? Are these files on an NT server?
If not, then where are they? You should be able to delete the .NET and .LCK
files if not one is using them.


Bill Todd (TeamB)
(TeamB cannot respond to questions received via email)

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