Look at new Report printing component!

Hello all!

Can you print multi-column report with different 1st page maket with
suppressing "group total" calculation for 1-element groups? And finish
it with piece of data from another dataset? R-Line, My new Report
generator+component, can do it and many other!

Main idea of this report generator is:
In old times we printed with 'writeln'. And  so get full control on
report processing from program. But now, writeln is not useful because
of graphic printing. R-Line offer replacement for writeln - open array
of parameters output accordingly with developed maket.

It is simply, flexibly and powerful.
Look at http://sunny.aha.ru/~sald

Sorry, but doc's now only in Russian. But you can understand R-line by
Please, write me if you get any problems with R-Line.