blob fields in paradox table

I am trying to put a 2k character array in a blob field - the problem is
that in the 2k it is possible to have a null (#0) character.  the
Tblobfield.value property does not work (since it chops the character array
at the #0 character).  I tried:

* ttable1.first ;
* ttable1.edit ;
* myblobstream := Tblobstream.create(Ablobfield,mbwrite) ;
* myblobstream.writebuffer(myarray,2000) ;
* ;
* ;

and this seems to work (I get a blobsize of 2000), but then when I try and
read the blob stream:

* ttable1.first ;
* myblobstream := Tblobstream.create(Ablobfield,mbread) ;
* myblobstream.readbuffer(myarray,2000) ;
* ;

I always get the message ' blob is not opened'.( I sometimes get blob is
already opened in my tests).
My ttable1 is a valid TTable, it's active property is true, it has 2 fields,
one is a Tstringfield (which works fine for reading and writting) and the
other is a Tblobfield (Ablobfield).
Is the Tblobstream approach the best approach to read/write a string with
null characters ? and if so why do I get this blob not opened (already
opened) message ?  Anyone had a similar problem ?

Thanks If anyone can help

Jean-Pierre cordeau