I am creating an install using the InstallShield 5.5.  The application
requires the installation of  table on  a server and then the
application on each workstation.   During the installation of the BDE
modify the NET DIR section in the idapi.cfg  to use a UNC.  I call
WNetGetConnectionA in the MPR.dll to get the UNC name.  I encountering a
problem on workstations that have drive mapping which use NDS context
names.  The UNC that is returned is something like
"\\$NDS\\server_sys\.myserver.\directory\data",  the BDE gives an
initalization error.

On workstations withouth this client installed the UNC is
"\\server\sys\directory\data",  This works fine and all workstations
including the one with the NDS context names can find the NET DIR.
Does any one now how I can get a Standard UNC on machines with NDS
client installed or these types of mappings?.  Is there away to convert
NDS context name to a standard UNC?  Can I make the BDE understand this
type of UNC?    Our goal is to have a NET DIR path set during the
install, that all user of the application regardless of the client will
understand.   Manually, updating the idapi.cfg is not an option.

Thanks for your help

Rodney Cooper
Birmingham, AL