Bug in TStringGrid (Delphi 1.0) - Rangeselect + Rowselect

Hi everybody,
I have a very urgent Problem with the Delphi 1.0 VCL which I can't
believe I'm the only one
looking for a solution.
I want to combine Rowselect and RangeSelect of a TStringGrid.

So that if the user selects several cells in more than one row, the rows

should be FULLY marked (as it does when only Rowselect is true), not
just the selected cells.
The standard Delphi TStringGrid is a little buggy concerning the
combination of this two options. The behavior is rather strange (just
With the Delphi 32-bit VCL the TStringGrid works properly. Meanwhile I
tried to fix the Problem in the 16-bit VCL but didn't succeed yet (I
find this rather difficult).

Is there any bugfix or other solution.
Any suggestions would be great!