Does Indy 9.0 Decode Attachments It Has Found?

I am using Indy 9.0 (Beta I think) at home in my newsreader project and have
gotten (back) to the point where I am writing the code to process and store
attachments to messages. My test newsgroup is an animal pictures newsgroup
that embeds the JPG's in the messages using UUEncoding. Indy seems to
properly extract these attachments from the message body but the temporary
files it creates seem to need further processing before they will become
legitimate JPEG files. Two possibilities come to mind:
   1) I am doing this wrong, or
   2) Indy only extracts the attachments but does not actually decode them.

I looked at the newsgroup reader demo that came with Indy the last time I
downloaded it from Nevrona, but it doesn't seem to help in this regard. Can
anyone provide, or point me to, code that demonstrates how to properly get
attachments like these from newsgroup messages?