Announce: TCP/IP protocol libraries for Delphi

PowerTCP Now Supports Delphi!

PowerTCP provides a complete set of TCP/IP protocol libraries that can
be quickly added to any Windows application.  Microsoft C++ class
libraries (16/32-bit), DLLs(16/32-bit), Visual Basic custom controls,
and Delphi VCL components support your development efforts in any
programming environment.

demo is available via ftp or www at

PT-105 PowerTCP Standard Toolkit for Delphi v 1.3
TCP, TELNET, VT-220, FTP, SMTP, POP3 DLLs and Delphi Components,
Developer's Guide, PT-100.

PT-106 PowerTCP Speciality Toolkit for Delphi v 1.2
DLLs and VCL components for UDP, TFTP and, SNMP,Developer's Guide, PT-100.

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