Crash when disconnecting from OleAutomation server?

I have a D4 app that uses a VB5 OleAutomation server app.  Everything works
great, until I exit the D4 app.  When I set my variant to Unassigned, I get:

Project MyApp.exe raised exception class EAccessViolation with message
'Access violation at address 77B43BF0 in
module 'ole32.dll'.  Write of address 03DF50DC'.

After I press OK, I get a "Runtime error 216".

If I take out the assignment to Unassigned, I still get an exception when
the app exits (presumably, when the app finally lets go of the OleAutomation
object).  If I never create the OleAuto object, the app exits without error.

I have D4 Update Pack 3 and NT 4, SP3.

Any idea what's going on???  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.