Delphi 3.0, Access 97, DAO 3.0/3.5


I just got a new Pentium II and I seem to be having some
trouble hooking up to my Access databases via Delphi 3.0.
On my old machine, I never had a problem, but now, with the
new machine, whenever I try to set the "Active" property
to True for a table pointing to an Access database (or
try to set the "TableName" property) I keep getting the same error:

"Cannot load an IDAPI service library.
File: c:\windows\msapps\dao\dao3032.dll
Alias: FPC"

I think what is going on is this: I think that Delphi is
looking for DAO 3.0, when in fact, I have DAO 3.5 (DAO350.dll) which is
located in the c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\dao\

How can I set it up so that Delphi/BDE use the correct DAO?
I have explored doing it in the BDE Administrator, but cannot
seem to make it work.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,