Editing SQL Server 6.5 data

I'm using InfoPower 4 controls in Delphi 4 to access SQL Server 6.5
data.  I created a simple select query with requestlive = true.  When I
edit a record in a grid and attempt to post, I get an error message,
something like "cannot perform edit because record has been changed by
another user".  Since I'm the only one using this data right now, I must
be doing something to create this situation.  Any ideas about what could
cause this?

Also, when I create a view and try to edit through the view, I get the
error message again, but as soon as I just "touch" the record in the
grid, long before posting.  I'm new to sql servers and views, and I'm
wondering why this would be different than the other situation.  ???
Thanks for any help.