BDE and Random System Lockups

I am seeing applications lockup on NT 4.0 /4 (Do not use 95/98). The
situation will be : multiple applications on the same machine accessing
the the same Paradox (5 or 7) tables (Generally for reads, but in
read/write mode). It is unpredictible but recurrs with some regularity. increased file handles, buffers etc. but have not been able to
eliminate the situation. If I try to start a new BDE app, I will get an
hourglass+arrow cursor and then nothing. Task manager will not show the
new task, but choosing ShutDown/ CLose all Applications and Logon as a
Different User will give Task manager "Application not responding"
errors with the End Task button. Only seems to be BDE apps that are
affected, but they (BDE) will all lockup and have to be 'brute force
shut down'. Ideas?