Problem with Midas & IBX Master Detail

Can someone explain to me how we should be using Midas with IBX for Master
Detail Views.

Here is what we have. Two normalized tables T1 and T2 in a master detail.
The select statements need to also display some non updateable columns for
columns. That is, the Select statement is a join across two or more tables.

We have arranged this as follows.

On the server side we have IBDataset 1 (The master)

SelectSQL = Select T.*, C.CustomerName, S.Status, U.userName
from Transactions T join Customer on T.CustomerID = C.CustomerID
join Status S on S.StatusID = T.StatusID
join users U on U.UserID = T.UserID

and in IBDataset2 (The detail)

we have

SelectSQL = Select I.*, P.Description
from  TransactionItems I join Transaction T on I.TransactionID =
join Product P on P.TransactionItemID = I.transactionItemID
where I.TransactionID = :TransactionID

In both IBDataset 1 and 2 I have filled in the neccesary Insert, Update, and
Modify SQL

IBDataset2 has a Datasource DS, and DS points to IBDataset1

IBDataset1 has a IBTransaction Tr

A TDatasetProvider is pointing at IBDataset1

All component properties are set to default. There are no event handlers


On the client side I have 2 CDS and a Datasource connected in a correct
master detail configuration. The detail has the DataSource as its
mastersource, and the
dataset field correctly picked from the Master CDS.

We are able to display information correctly in the Client Side. There are
no display problems.

However, for Updates and/or Inserts we are unable to come up with a
configuration that will work. No matter what we do we always get resolver

The first problem we get is the resolver detects that the Table Name is
unknown for the update. This is because we have a select statement from
multiple tables for
the Master.

I am surprised that this happens because I have given a specific Update SQL
Statement to the Master IBDataset. Is there something special I have to do
to reference this?

We can not use OnGetDatasetProperties on the Providor to supply the table
name, because the
providor is common to the Master Detail Queries.

I am sure that we should be able to get this to work, but to date have been
unable to do so.

I would appreciate if someone could explain exactly how we should configure
the componwents to make this scenario work.

Using TQuery and the BDE everything works exactly as one would expect, and
making Midas Client Master Detail UI Editable views is a piece of cake.

If anybody out there has experienced these problems and got a solution, we
like to talk to you.


Tony Blomfield.