Resizing forms and Toutlookbar (Delphi5 companion CD)

Hi there,

We've been using Toutlookbar from the Delphi 5 companion CD in our project.

We have a little problem with this component and form resizing.
The outlookbar is placed on a panel which is rightaligned on a form.
On showing  this form is maximized.
The first time the form is shown with the outlookbar visibility set to
false, the form maximizes as expected.
If the outlookbar is made visible before showing the form, on showing the
form, you see the form getting maximized and then reset back to the original
size at design time (only the form is placed in the left upper corner of the
screen, as if it were maximized, though its position is set to

This problem only occurs the first time the form is shown.
The second time the form is shown, resizing is as it should be.

Procedure Form1. showformwithoutlookbar;
with formwithoutlookbar do
   Windowstate := Maximized;

Procedure FormWithoutlookbar.Onshow;
  Outlookbar.visible := CheckIfOutlookBarNeedsToBeShown;

Procedure FormWithoutlookbar.OnClose;

This problem only surfaced after insertion of the code to check if the
outlookbar had to be shown.
Furthermore it occurs in different forms in the same way.
Therefore I believe this has to be related to the Toutlookbar component.

Does anybody have any idea as to why this strange behaviour might occur and
how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,