Delphi 1: GPF in PASDBK16.DLL


Executing one of our Delphi 1 projects within the IDE, we're now =20
encountering GPFs in PASDBK16.DLL. Disabling debug info generation=20
lets the program run ok. Commenting-out of the deepest two levels of=20=

an 8-level if-then-else construct helps as well. Especially=20
commenting-out one or two of the local procedure calls within the=20
deepest on or two levels seems to make a difference. Breaking the=20
complete if-then-else structure down to one level using EXITs does not=20=

help, though. BTW, the app runs out of Delphi,=20
but we seem to be depraved of debugging facilities right now.

TIA for any help.


Robert Schroeder
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