WIN 95 API Question

Dear Sirs,

        I'm need some help about using an Win95 API function from Delphi 2.0,
exactly DeviceIOControl.

        I had already scan the Web about this but got nowhere. In Microsoft
Developer Network CD there aren't resources available enought, either.

        Please, could you give me some help ?

        If so, my problem is:

        I need to format only a single track or sector of a pre-formatted 3,5"
diskette. I think that I can use the DeviceIOControl API function, but
my routine don't work and crash the system. I would like to get some
source code demo for How to.  This is to Delphi 2.0, Windows 95.

        I would be very, very, pleased for any help or suggestions !

        Thanks a lot in advance.

        Sorry about my miserable English...

        Please accept my apologies about the inconvenience.

        Best Regards,

        Marcos Tito de Pardo Marques