bole16d.dll required??

I have written a very simple screensaver in Delphi 1.0 which utilizes
TTimer, Timage, and TIni components.  It works fine under both Win 3.1 and
NT on the development machine.  When I installed it on a client's machine
it returned a 'BOLE16D.DLL not found' error.  If I put this dll on the
client's machine it works.  As the screensaver doesn't utilize OLE I can't
understand why its trying to link in this dll.  At one point a MediaPlayer
component was being used but all references to it have been removed and
the project recompiled.  Can this somehow be the cause?  If I do include a
MediaPlayer component do I need to install BOLE16D.DLL on client
machines?  Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in

Marc Stein