GNU Pascal porting questions

I'm thinking about porting gpc to Darwin, however I have a couple questions.

(Darwin is Apple's free, open source OS. Currently it uses gcc 2.95)

As I'm sure all of you know the mac toolbox is composed of a bunch of pascal inline functions called via traps. However most mac applications are written in C using \pstrings and extern pascal where needed. Now Apple is transitioning to a new OS and to help programmers Apple developed a shared library CarbonLib which has functions analogous to the majority of the toolbox functions thus allowing old MacOS C/C++ programs to be recompiled for CarbonLib and thus run natively in the new and old OSs.

MacOS's native PowerPC binary executable format is PEF while OS X's is Mach-O. CarbonLib in MacOS is largely a shim PEF library which calls toolbox traps while the OS X library is a Mach-O 'dyld' lib written from the ground-up. PEF executables can call Mach-O libraries in OS X via a shim, but not vice versa.

I can take an old C mac program and compile it using gcc in OS X creating a Mach-O executable which runs natively. Wouldn't it be nice to do the same with gpc?

As far as I can tell the OS X carbon library consists of a {*word*99}load of inline extern pascal functions which use \pstrings, most likely written in C (as are most toolbox functions in MacOS by now). Would I have a difficult time porting gpc in a compatible manner with carbon lib?