zooming only one axis in tchart


But once the zoom has finished, you can then get the zoom rectangle from
the maximum and minimum values of each axis. Then you can immediately
reset the y-axis to its prezoomed state. That's what I did and it works

Trevor Cooper

David Rosenstark wrote:

> I am trying to have the zoom feature only zoom the z axis and not the
> yaxis. I thought I would catch the onzoom event and alter the rect
> before it gets sent on to zoom but lo and behold the onzoom event does
> not provide the rect to allow me to change it. So, 2 questions:

> 1. How do I accomplish what I am trying to do?
> 2. Can we put this on the wish list

> I would also add that I would like to know the amount zoomed and not
> just that the chart was zoomed

> TIA,
> David