Problem with simple(?) usage of TDBRichEdit

I have searched DejaNews for this one, but can't find an answer.

I have a paradox table with a BLOB (binary, not memo or formatted memo)
field. I stick a TDBRichEdit component on my form and hook up the
relevant properties. Now I do:


to load in an RTF file on disk (created with Word). The data gets loaded
in, but it's not displayed as formatted. All the formatting is there,
but not acted upon. Plain Text property is set to False and Auto Display
to True, BTW.

If I also put a (non-DB) TRichEdit component on the form, and save the
Lines of the TDBRichEdit to a memory stream and load the stream back to
the lines of the TRichEdit, then it appears just fine. It's a clumsy
work around. Ultimately, I want to store RTF files in a database and
view them one record at a time.

Please help. Am I making a fundamental mistake, or are my expectations
of TDBRichEdit too high?
Chris Randle (