???? OLE, How to get Obj. Info, with Arena ????

Ok I am pretty new In the OLE business, so any info is welcome.

I am using Arena, wich is a simulation tool, and I am trying to make some
sort of a front-end in Delphi 3.
My goal is that the user can select a couple of things in the D3 Front-
end and the front end builds the model in Arena.

It's possible to communicatie with Arena using OLE and I managed to start
Arena and put a Object "module" on screen in Arena.
But How do I know what methodes and properties are available in the
various OLE-Arena objects that can be called through OLE???

I also use the CreateOleObject and put it in a Variant Type var, is this
the correct way?  Cause you also have the OleVariant Type!

Also resources of OLE / Active X / Why, when, how, are welcome. Like what
is Automation OLE, why is the OleContainer???

So if anyone knows an answer to any of my questions, please dont hasitate
to answer.

Ido de Lepper