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How can one Automatically Save a QR report and Fax

Thanks for your response Egor. But I already have a faxing product in house.
What I need is Delphi 5.0 Code to
  1)  Save a file to a predefined *.RTF file and
  2)  Code to execute the Faxing of this file.

I have tried saving the file using QuSoft QRCompositeReport1 component but
have been unable to save the file via code.  I can press the 'SAVE' button
and it save the file to my choice.  And it is this save Process I want to

Again thanks for your responses

Original Question:
I am Using Delphi 5.0 on a Windows 95/98 operating system. QuSoft 3.0
I am currently taking a query and performing a QuickRep1.Preview and the
report appears correctly.  And when the user wants to save the file, he
clicks on the Save Icon and saves that report to a file he/she names.  So
far everything is cool.

But now the user is requesting a button to save the report to a Predefined
file (CF_mm-dd-yyyy*.RTF) and then fax this file to another company.

I can manually save the file from a *.QRP to *.RTF and then back out of the
Preview Form to execute faxing.  But the client wants to do all of this with
a 'push of a button'.

How can one do this automatically?  I've tried to circumvent the coding in
QuickRep1.Preview to no avail.

Please note I have posted this question on a different newsgroup but did not
get any response.

Thanks for your patience.



Re:How can one Automatically Save a QR report and Fax

Hello Ron,

maybe this is helpful for you:

implementation uses ..., FormReportSomething, QrExport;


and before printing you must set the Printer.PrinterIndex to the Faxprinter.


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