ADOQuery & QuickReport

Hi everybody!
I have a problem when try to get result of one query in QuickReport.
Everytime I run in Quick Report it return me only one record(row) as a
result of query (no matter how many record(rows) should be)....I tried to
check a query, so I used table which represent a data from query, but there
everything is OK. So probably query is OK, but what is a problem?

There is a part of code which I use to do that:

procedure Tfrm1.btnPrintClick(Sender: TObject);
with datamodule1.adoqPrint  do  begin
       sql.Add('SELECT date1, sum(amount) AS aamount, employee FROM works,
emp WHERE  emp.ID_emp=works.ID_emp and (date1>=:BDate and date1<=:FDate)
GROUP BY works.employee, date1;');
      //next part I use to view result in QuickReport;

Could somebody help me?

Thanks, Mimy