Please help Oracle8 and D3/C/S

Dear Sir/madam

I seen your name in  the Netnews. I am sorry
if this message is not in the right time.

My problem as follow.
I have D3 C/S ...My client has an oracle 8 instance created
called Amos.
When I go to DBE Config. and I click on the Database It
promotes for UI & password enter them ..I got connected
its cool to be connected..but when I click on gets me
an error vendor initialization...please contact your vendor
that if i use ODBC or SQL links

I said the problem might be with DBE I went
and Created Form..droped Database component. and a table
the database connected fine...But when I set the = true
get me the same error...vendor initialization error. and the system
in both cases

Please what is wrong   I am using D3 C/S  and Oracle 8.
Please email me direct if is urgently


Nahed Kadih
SpecTec Inc