Problem with IDE-set property pointers

Hello again!

Having solved the printer bug, i now have a weirder problem:

i have two pointers to components which are dropped by the
user onto the form being designed. The pointers are properties
and are set via the dropdown list in the IDE and have the
usual setvalue handlers. in the IDE, all looks well.

at runtime, i started getting GPFs. I checked, and although
the pointers start out OK, they turn into nils once the creation
process is done!

my only solution so far is to store "self" pointers as each
of the components create in a global variable and assign the
property fields manually in code from the globals during creation.

since delphi's own stuff (ddeclientconv and ddeclientitem) use
this setup and it works fine for them, i'm obviously missing

can anybody tell me what i've overlooked?

thanks in advance!
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