Can Callbacks be done in Delphi?


  I am trying to access a function in a DLL written in C++.  The
function declaration looks like this:

        HRESULT FunctionName (LPCALLBACK CallbackFn, LPVOID Context)

  As you can see, the first parameter is actually a pointer to a callback
function.  In other words, the FunctionName function calls the function
pointed to by CallbackFn.  The function CallbackFn has several parameters.  

  Can anyone tell me how to do callbacks using Delphi?  How do I call the
above function.  And how do I declare and write the function CallbackFn?

  Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!  If you can,
please reply by Email to the below address.  Things move so quickly on
this newsgroup, and I don't want to miss out on any help! :)


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