Referential Integrity with Paradox Tables

Is there a dynamic way to determine a table's dependent tables and then
delete the detail records from the dependent tables?


Could someone translate the following C code to Object pascal.  This is
from the BDE32.hlp file.  Currently, there is not an example for Delphi.

Creates a string containing all the names of referential integrity
constraints on the specified table.

This example uses the following inputs:
        fDbiOpenRintList(hDb, "ORDERS.DB", Buffer);

DBIResult fDbiOpenRintList(hDBIDb hDb, pCHAR TblName, pCHAR RIntList)
   DBIResult      rslt;
   hDBICur        hTmpCur = 0;
   RINTDesc       RIDesc;
   RIntList[0] = '\0';
   rslt = Chk(DbiOpenRintList(hDb, TblName, szPARADOX, &hTmpCur));
   if (rslt == DBIERR_NONE)
      while (DbiGetNextRecord(hTmpCur, dbiNOLOCK, (pBYTE)&RIDesc, NULL)
         strcat(RIntList, RIDesc.szRintName);
         strcat(RIntList, "  ");

   return rslt;


Thank You