MSAccess Connection Problem ? (Delphi 4.0 Std)


I'm new to the Delphi world. I need to connect to a Ms Access database.
Then I tryed the following code, but without any success. It ends up with
an 'incorrect parameter' message.

     Database:= TDatabase.Create (Component);
     Database.LoginPrompt:=False; {without this, I had the login window}
     Database.Open; {fails here !, not mdw file created}

Here's the var section

        Database: TDatabase;
        Component: TComponent;

        Component:=TComponent.Create (MyForm);
        Database:= TDatabase.Create (Component);

What's wrong ?

I'm using Windows 95 & Delphi 4.0 Std

(In the BDE Panel Application, I've seen that the driver uses a DLL which
is not installed on my hd, nor available in the CD IDDAO32.DLL, could it be
the reason why it doesn't work; then why do they say that the MsAccess
Driver is included ?)

Any sample code is welcome...

What about the solution of adding a reference to DAOxxx.DLL in the project
Then again, any sample code would be appreciated.