binobj, pkzip, and on-thwe-fly decompression

        Ok, I'm about to add TCP/IP support to my turbo vision project
(tp7.0/tv2.0).  I'm using Peter R. Tattam's package for my
tcp/ip stack (until I write my own...).  Because the driver (tcpdrv.exe
@45K disk/95K when resident) is a seperate program, I'd like to do the
following, so that I have a single .EXE file when I'm done:
1) compress (pkzip ver 1.0?) TCPDRV.EXE into TCPDRV.ZIP (?)
2) use binobj to turn it into an object module, TCPDRV.OBJ
3) link it into my program, GUI.EXE

now, I have the source code to decompress pkzipped files made by pkzip
ver 1.0 (from, PASUNZIP.ZIP), but I haven't tried them
yet.  To save me alot of headache, I'd like to how to extract and
decompress TCPDRV.EXE at run-time (during TMyApp.Init, or the first call
to open a TCP port), and install it as a tsr.  Then when my prog is done I
can (in TMyApp.Done) call the TSR a second time with the uninstall option.
 Has anyone tried anything like the above?  Any suggestions?  BTW, I'm
still looking for a PASCAL source for a tcp stack (would make my life alot
easier :) )
 The above would also work for people loading .GIF's and other compressed
data, as the pascal compiler makes no provisions for compressing resources
and data...

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