Problem building my own Cursor at runtime !!!

Michael Klemm wrote:

> Hi there,
> I wanna build a Cursor at runtime with the API function CreateCursor. So
> far so good. I'm doing that by creating a bitmap an drawing into it and
> then coping it pixel by pixel to an array, because the CreateCursor method
> needs the adress of the bitmap. And that's the problem. Do you know how to
> get the adress of the pixel bitmap ???

> Thanks for your help
> Michael
> (

Hi Michael,

I've just been doing the same thing, and got a result. BUT the code is
at home. I'll bring it in and post it here. If I forget, remind me !

You need 2 bitmaps, for AND and XOR, so its a bit more complicated.

Bye for now
Ray Cramer