Linking FORTRAN Object File

Quote (Eric Meyers) wrote:
>I am having trouble linking a FORTRAN object file into Delphi.  I
>declare the subroutine in Delphi as an external procedure, followed by
>the {$L filename} directive.  I get an "invalid relocatable reference"
>error when I compile the unit.  I am using Microsoft FORTRAN 5.1.  Any
>help would be appreciated.

It's just about impossible to link Fortran .OBJ files into Delphi,
because there are always things in them that Delphi doesn't
understand, like references to the Fortran libraries, common blocks,

You should get your Fortran compiler to produce a .DLL, and then use
that instead of an OBJ.  That's pretty straightforward for passing
numeric types and arrays of them.  I think it's tricky to work with
Fortran strings, but I forget the details.