Error Reading Blob bitmap images from WATCOM

Hi all,

I am having trouble reading blob bitmap images from a WATCOM database.
This used to work in Delphi 1.0, but under 2.0, I keep getting "Bitmap
is invalid" when I try to read the field in an image control.

I am using SQL Anywhere 5.01 as the engine and using the default BDE
dll's IDODBC32.DLL as the odbc driver.

Has anyone else had any success in reading blob fields from Watcom or
for that matter any other ODBC database ?

I tried changing the odbc driver to use WOD50T.DLL, which is WATCOM's
odbc driver, but I keep getting an error message "Operatin not

I this a bug in BDE or is it just a matter of using the right drivers

Any help, pointers will be appreciated.