ANNOUNCEMENT: QuickReport version 0.97 released, New QuickReport home site and e-mail

Once again it is time for a new version of QuickReport.
This one is numbered 0.97 and if nothing big comes up this
is the latest beta version to be released before version 1
goes out of the door. If everything works as planned
(and they never seems to do that <G>) version 1 should be
ready in about two weeks. This is about one month later than
originally planned, but the good news is that the delay is
due to lots of work being put into making QuickReport 32 bit
ready. So the monent you get Delphi 2.0 onto your computer
you will be able to continue using QuickReport as before.

One big problem which occoured this December was that my
internet provider went bankrupt. This led to my e-mail
address being ureachable. I am sorry for hazzle this might
have caused you. Anyway, QuickReport is now up and running
on its own internet server (well almost its own).

The new e-mail address to reach me is:

The new standard ftp server to download QuickReport from

A web server is also under construction:

The QuickReport mailing list can now be reached at:

On to the details about this new release. There are not that
many new features in this version, but there are a few, plus
quite a lot of bug fixes.

The main new feature is the new Master property of the
QRDetailLink component. This enables you to create just about
any type of master/detail reports witout using queries. You
can also design reports which simply could not be done with
queries. The master/detail demo report is updated to show how
to use this new feature.

The help file and documentation is not completly updated from
version 0.96 to 0.97. This is done on purpose due to some
details on Delphi 2.0 which is put into it and cannot be
distributed right now. Sorry about this, but by the time
version 1 is ready I don't think that will be a problem.

BTW, Delphi 2.0 is looking *very* good now, Borland is
putting together a great program for us. I think it will be
worth any delay and whatever price they want to charge for
it! Let's hope 1996 will be a great year for Delphi and

Below is a listing of changes from version 0.96 to 0.97,
taken from the version history in the documentation:
* New property, TQRDetailLink.Master, used to create any
  type of master/detail report. Please see the enhanced
  master/detail example report for an example on how to
  use this new feature
* New property, TQRDetailLink.PrintBefore, if True the sub
  detail table will be printed before the Detail band of
  the master table. Default is False.
* New properties, TQuickReport.ColumnMarginInches and
* New property, ParentFont for TQRLabel, TQRDBCalc,
  TQRSysData, TQRMemo
* New property QRPrinter.PrinterOK will show if a printer is
  installed. Print button on standard preview is disabled if
  QRPrinter is false.
* New files included: all strings are now moved to the
  QRCONST.RES resource file. The identifiers are declared
  in the QRCONST unit, both the compiled file and source
  file is included for this unit. This should make it
  possible for QuickReport to work with any other components
  that use resource files
* Added first and last page buttons to the standard preview
  form. First and previous button disabled when displaying
  first page, next and last button disabled when displaying
  last page
* Zoom combobox on the standard preview form replaced by
  three buttons - fit in window, 100% and fit in width
* New property, TQRPrinter.ZoomButtons, can be set to
  default to get the old Zoom combobox back
* Added functionality to the TQRDBCalc component, Min, Max
  and average
* Property changed, TQRDBCalc.ResetGroup changed to ResetBand.
  QRDBCalc are now to be reset after a specific band is
  printed, not when a group breaks. This is for compatibility
  with the TQRDetailLink component
* Property removed, TQuickReport.ReportType. This is
  automatically detected now and the property is no longer
* The TQuickReport popup menu (right clicking) now includes
  Preview and About
* Removed qrPageCount as an option for the TQRSysData. This
  will be added again later
* New method, TQRDBCalc.Start, causes a QRDBCalc component
  to be reset. Can be called from any method during report
* Bug fix, the QRBand.ForceNewPage property no longer creates
  an extra blank page
* Bug fix, right alignment no longer clips the rightmost
* Bug fix, Transparent property now works with right alignment
* Bug fix, TQRBDText.Autosize is now stored correctly
* Bug fix, QuickReport now works when no printer is installed.
* Bug fix, the load report dialog box now show all saved
  QuickReport (*.QRP) files again.
* Bug fix, the save report dialog box correctly adds the .QRP
  extension as default. Overwrite warning turned on
* Bug fix, deleting a band connected to a TQRDetailLink
  component no longer causes an Access Violation
* Bug fix, using a QRDetailLink without a DataSource no longer
  causes an error
* Bug fix, using QRDetailLink now never prints the last record
* Bug fix, deleting a component linked to a QRDetailLink no
  longer causes an error
* Bug fix, using the OnFilter event now works even if no
  records mach. This also works on any detail level now.
* Bug fix,TQRShape now repaints itself correctly
* Several enhancements to the demo reports, primarily the
  master/detail report which is now includes a master and two
  detail tables