Odd behavior when changing a controls Parent

I am experiencing some strange behavior when a control's parent is
changed.  Follow this example:

1.  Place a Panel with a ComboBox on it on secondary Form and set the
    ItemIndex property of the ComboBox to 0 (fill it with items first).
2.  Check and make sure the ItemIndex is indeed 0 and then set the
    Parent property of the Panel to your primary Form.  The Panel will
    move visibly and take the ComboBox with it.
3.  Now check the ItemIndex property.  It is -1

Trying this with a comblicated OCX and many of your design-time
properties will dissapear.  Can anyone explain why this is happening
and suggest a solution other than resetting those properties?  

I am doing this to help manage multiple developers working on the same
"visible" form.  In other words, putting the logic for a complicated
set of controls on a different form for another developer to work on.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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