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DBD32 not willing to run after install

Hi All !

Here's my problem :

I have installed Delphi 3 CS on Win NT 4.0 SP 3 as administrator, but I'm
using as a normal user, I got a few problems that were solved by
reinstalling with my user account.
There's still one that I can't solve, when I try to launch the "Module Base
de Donnes" (DBD32.EXE) from Delphi, nothing happens, and from the Windows
Explorer I just get "initializing of DBSRV32.DLL failed".

I may only run it as administrator, but as a user, I can run all the other
DB tools with no problem. I have tried to manually copy the entries under
/HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Borland/DBD to my user registry, but that
didn't help.

Has anybody a good idea ?
Eric Grange


Re:DBD32 not willing to run after install

problem solved; the quoted error-message is the result of
an incomplete install. See entry 11/12/97 "delphi3 runs only as
administrator" and my detailed reply.

Gerhard Friesland-K?pke
dep of computer-science, university of hamburg

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