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RPC Server is unavailable

I am trying to run a DCOM connection between two computers:-

Server- NT 4.0 SP3 workstation - machine name DM
Client - Win95 with DCOM v1.2 - machine name LAPTOP - Guest account
workgroup name is WORKGROUP

File access works fine but so far I always get the "RPC Server is
unavailable" message when the client creates an object on the server.
The Automation Object developed with D4 professional is registered on
both machines and using the Local Server call shown below on the Win95
machine the program runs correctly accessing the local object (DCOM set
to local and remote). Similarly running the same program on the NT
machine it works.

  VT1 : IVTAuto01;
  VT2 : IVTAuto02;

//### Local Server version ###
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

But on changing the call to be remote and altering DCOM config to only
look on machine DM  for the object the RPC unavailable error message

//### Remote Server version ###
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  RemoteMachineName = 'DM';

Running the program with the remote call on the workstation works, so
presumably the machine name is correct.

Both machines are set to Share-Level access and the Guest account on the
NT workstation has permission to do everything. RPCSS service is running
on the workstation

Running OLEView on the client brings up is own version of the same

I have read through all the notes I can find on DCOM and think I have
ticked all the right boxes, in one set of notes it referred to the
connecting protocol of TCP/IP does the network link have to be TCP/IP

Can anyone see anything silly that I have missed



Re:RPC Server is unavailable

You just need to run the rpcss.exe on the server.

Re:RPC Server is unavailable

Patrick wrote:
> You just need to run the rpcss.exe on the server.
> Patrick

The NT workstation which is acting as a server to a Win95 client, is
running "rpcss.exe" according to the Task Manager.

When I run the client program on the client machine the network
interface card LED flashes, so it looks as though it knows to look on
the network for the DCOM server application.

Did the rest of the code segment look correct.


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