JPEGs in resource files?

Hi!  Does anybody know how to retrieve a jpeg image from a resource file.  I
have created an rc file (aircraft.rc) like this:

mig_29  Mig29  c:\images\jpeg\mig_29.jpg

I compiled this script file using brcc32 and created the file aircraft.res.

Then I included the resource file in a delphi program

{$R aircraft.res}

Then I tried to use the FindResource:

    hResource : HRSRC;
    hGlobalHandle : HGLOBAL;


   hResource := FindResource(0, 'mig_29', RT_RCDATA);
   if hResource > 0 then
       hGlobalhandle := LoadResource(0, hResource);
       if hGlobalHandle > 0 then
           ShowMessage('Error: cannot load resource');
       ShowMessage('Error: cannot find resource');

But the FindResourceEx function always returns 0.  Is there anything that
I'm missing here?

I also tried the FindResourceEx like this:

hResource := FindResourceEx(0, RT_RCDATA, 'mig_29', (LANG_NEUTRAL shl 10) or


But, it also returns 0 all the time.

Any help will be appreciated.