Runtime Error "Stack overflow"

   It depends on the source of the problem - you could be doing many
things wrong which would need major overhaul of your code/design.
  1. You can increase the Stack reservation to 64K ($M 65530,0,0}, and
that may temporally get around the problem.  If this works, you may still
have a serious problem in your program.
  2. Recursion: if you're using it, you may have an "infinite recursion"
problem (design issue) or you may be using too much local data in the
routine(s).  Cut down the sizes, amounts of local data (don't use
  3. In other, non-recursive subprograms, you may be using large amounts
of local data (arrays, etc.), or you may be calling/nesting too deeply.  
You may have to redesign your implementation to work around these
> Does anybody know what this means, and if so how to fix it?  It's really
> bothering me since I have a school project due Monday!!  Please email me
> at
> ASAP if you have advice.  If you need to actually see the program i'd be
> happy to email it to you.

> avi saper